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Interesting facts about Kubinka

The city of Kubinka is located in the western part of the Moscow region. Kubinka received the status of a city, which was previously a settlement, in 2004.

Historians attribute the first settlements in this area to the XV century. The Kubinka settlement received its main development after the abolition of serfdom, since it was during this period that the railway was laid here. In the 70s of the XIX century, the first local educational institution was opened here — the Cuban Mixed Zemstvo School, which lasted two years. In the first half of the XX century, a testing ground was organized in the surrounding lands, where many Soviet tanks, cars and units of construction equipment were tested in action.

Today, Kubinka is home to important facilities for the country.

Among the attractions of this region, it is worth noting the Central Museum of Armored Weapons and Equipment of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Center for the Display of Aviation Equipment of the 4th State Center for Training Aviation Personnel and Military Tests, as well as more than a dozen temples and chapels — monuments of temple architecture of different eras.